As part of my Signal Processing class I was asked to develop an

application that make use of signal processing theory, our professor

suggest us to use Matlab, since I’m an linuxista I start writing my

application in Octave and realize that for an graphical front end it

was going to be more difficult to integrate an GUI, so I decide to go

for Python, Scipy, Matplotlib and PyGtk.

As result I develop Sigbox “An PyGtk app for digital filter design”,

some of the features are:

  • FIR filter design
  • IIR filter design
  • Load audio wav files and display
  • Frequency representation
  • Inverse frequency representation
  • Power sprectrum
  • Cepstrum
  • Apply filter


Python is one of the programming languages that I like the most,

since is extremely powerful and simple to use.

I still need to make some bug-fixing, specially in the setup script,

but I’m happy with the status of the project and that I receive a good

note on my project, but more important is that I present to my

classmates alternatives for software developing using open source tools.

Source code is available at github:


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