Reusing portable media player with Rockbox

I’m a music lover all types indy rock, reggae, hiphop even k-pop; So hanging around with an broken ipod isn’t fun; I was tempted on getting a new media player but just looking that I have a few more media players around I decide to bring them back to live with Rockbox starting with Go-gear mp3 player that had a broken micro drive which I replace it with compact flash card increasing the storage space from 6Gb to 32Gb :).

I had a lot of trouble restoring the firmware even using Phillips recovering tools until I found good references at Rockbox wiki [1]; The next step is to actually replace vendor firmware with Rockbox, there are some driver issues that I can look as a side pet project but firstly I need a battery replacement and can find it in Mexico so I need to order one from a global battery vendor.