Thesis documents

Many people had contact me asking for references about my thesis and decide to post them online so any one could take a look at the work I did last year, hope this helps to every one interested; The general goal was:

Hardware/software co-design approach for re-configurable architectures based on the Xilinx ML507 PowerPC 440 platform.
This thesis aims to find a reliable solution for bringing the Linux operating system on embedded devices, focusing on Xilinx re-configurable architectures as a base platform.

I will continue to maintain Yoctoproject Xilinx meta layer [1] as soon I get some free time, hope in the next week’s I will publish some patch’s, I’m going to set a personal goal, meta-xilinx should get official BSP layer by Yoctoproject release 1.2 target for April 2012.

For now thesis is located here [alligator-os]
and presentation at [alligator-


7 thoughts on “Thesis documents

  1. Hi,
    I want to display the booting of the linux kernel on a screen.
    My architecture is based on a PowerPc440 in Virtex 5 ML507 board.
    I follow your steps but please can you give me more details or documents to make an openembedded xserver support.

    Best Regards!

  2. hello,
    to configure the system to use linux on the board of xilinx ise or another?
    linux works directly on startup or you have to start it manually?
    Finally, you would have a tutorial that you can follow to load linux on ml507 board?
    I’d need for a thesis.

    1. Hi, the only tutorial is in the thesis, Xilinx ISE 11.4 was used to create the hardware project;
      you can take a look at

      The process described in the thesis creates and ACE image which is bit stream plus and executable “elf” in this case uboot that prepares the board to execute Linux kernel and then load the root file system. So Linux starts directly.

      If nothing of what i just explain makes sense to you, then you need a lot of reading about Embedded Linux.
      Additionally you can refer to Xilinx official wiki page.


      1. Hi
        I see your link git and don’t see the file for the compact flash.
        Your system is stand alone or manualy?

      2. It’s custom project, there was an application note from Xilinx which explains how to build an ISE project for XML507 to run Linux; But can’t find it, but you might want to look this slides

        Now the trick of using Openembedded was that all files needed to run Linux was automagically generated, if you check the last page of my thesis (81) there is a part that configures OE to inspect the Xilinx ISE project and by using own Xilinx tools from OE.

        Look at meta-xilinx-community and the part that makes the magic is


      3. Hi,
        in your project after the porting use a cable rs232 null-modem for connect or ethernet?
        it’s possible use the lcd on the board for output?

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