Wow another year ended and I’m being just to quite busy concluding with my master degree and doing part time open source projects. From March I begin working on Linux board bring up for several FPGA platforms under the umbrella of the Linux foundation and Google, as a GSoC project. By concluding my participation on GSoC represented the first of my goals for 2010 being a GSoC student; The second goal was to conclude with my studies which I did just a few weeks a go. The third one was getting back to professional labor market and GSoC counts, and from September I’ve been collaborating for a secret company which have many associates around the world and is so secrecy that we don’t know each other, well not exactly.

Working on both projects was quite challenging, in my school GSoC was perceived as a distraction, at some point it reach a critical point since part time activities are not allowed. Some school polices are obsolete and prevent collaboration between universities and companies, far from any other countries where participation in programs similar to GSoC are encorage and students can receive credits for their participation. On top of that in the first semester I was taking 3 courses, GSoC and thesis wow I was with just to much activities to do, I quit with my sport activities just to recover some time and increase my workdays to weekends, by the second semester I was concluding with GSoC and starting doing the heavy work of my thesis, still no weekends free until late September when I decide to celebrate with some friends and went to a nice place to have a few drinks which ended in nothing good I was victim of alcohol check points mafia in Mexico city and end up in jail for the weekend :(.

In November I attend to Linux Plumbers conference at Boston, where I meet a lot of people like some Ubuntu developers, Yocto project contributors and kernel hackers, well I need to continually attend this type of events since is where I can learn from others, working from home and living in a large city without a decent Linux user group does not help.

The only negative aspect in this year is that I don’t plan to continue participating in open source conferences in Mexico city, is hard when you have to deal with people that thinks that are free software contributors because they use open office. Imagine Debian community polices and apply it to a group with some technology knowledge but can’t write a line of code, um not exactly better wording is people that use open software but in any form they contribute to its development.  Most Mexico city Lugs are just to elitist, and the “elite” group just sucks! So what can be done to form a decent LUG? That’s another blog story.


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