GSoC participation

In the next months I’m going to continue working on Openembedded to add
support for Xilinx FPGAs platforms now as part of GSoC program and the
the Linux Foundation support via Grant L. who is my mentor, Grant
previously worked in OE to add support for Xilinx virtex 4 platforms and
is one of the Linux kernel developers for Powerpc so hes guide is valuable
for me.

The all idea of my project is to add OE support for Xilinx platforms,
Powerpc 405, 440 and Microblaze, where Microblaze represents the most
challenging arch to support since GCC support is recent I’m going to
face autotools hell when cross compiling the different utilities/programs
to generate a root file system for microblaze.

A special case for virtex4 (Powerpc 405) and virtex5 (Powerpc 440) board
families is that the target arch can be Powerpc or Microblaze so I need to
add some logic to override the final arch, but I think this is already handled
in the user configuration file (local.conf) via TARGET_ARCH variable.

So far I was able to generate XFCE and GPE images for graphical desktop support
for ml507 platform and changes are now on OE mailing list (I need to clean some
patchs and resend them) so once there integrated doing `bitbake xfce46-image`
you will get a nice desktop to play which includes Midori web browser.

Lately I’m been busy working on school final assignments and project so I can
finish earlier with the courses that I’m currently taking, since I want to have
more time working on my Gsoc project.


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