Openembedded xilinx-ml507 Xserver support

* Project in process

Finally after few weeks working on integrating xilinx display module (tft) on my hardware reference design (see xps_tft branch) is showing sings of been alive; I spend a complete week figuring out why the display hardware module always keep off, turn out the the reset pin, of the chip that drives the display, was driven to ground! damn you xilinx synthesis process that silently inform me about it; Whell after trying to use Linux to drive the display module I modify a test program to ensure that the module actually works.

Running the test program

1. Connect serial port
2. Connect Jtag
3. Connect LCD
4. Start Xilinx Platform Studio (xps)
5. Open the xps-tft project
6. Turn on board
7. Download bit stream
8. Open xmd debug application


9. Download executable program, in xmd console
dow TestApp_xps_tft_colorbar_ddr/executable.elf
10. Execute app
And you should see some numbers, screen blue, red, green and a colorbar

For openembedded xserver support I have to

* Enable some kernel options to enable the xilinx frame buffer driver documented at xilinx wiki
* Kernel patch to add support of new tft hardware version
* Include xorg configuration options
* Add xterm twm xclock to x11-sato-image
* Build x11-sato-image

Currently on power-up the board doesn’t loads the xilinxfb and the xserver fails to
initialize, I need to look on the modules.dep modules.xx to add the references and
make the proper changes on openembedded so it can magically start the xserver,
so far using insmod helps to test that the xilinx frame buffer driver works.

In target

cd /lib/modules/2.6.33/kernel/drivers/video/

insmod fb.ko
insmod cfbfillrect.ko
insmod cfbcopyarea.ko
isnmod cfbimgblt.ko
insmod xilinxfb.ko

Starting xserver by running


And you should see

xilinx-ml507 xserver

Well I’m going to continue working on the auto-module load issue and look at sato
image init to see how matchbox is initialized, so I can have a cool window manager.
Also push some OE changes and update my oe-overlay so changes can be tested
earlier by any one interested.


One thought on “Openembedded xilinx-ml507 Xserver support

  1. Hi, can you help with XPS TFT, I’m trying use de xps TFT whit microblaze soft-core but in my last experiment the LCD doesn’t work how sould be, my firt problem is when I use the driver in C (SDK) the LCD (monitor) lost the synchrony, after that if I don’t write :
    #include “xparameters.h”
    #include “xtft.h”
    static XTft TftInstance;
    main ()
    u8 VarChar;
    XTft_Config *TftConfigPtr;
    print (“Mensaje de Texto”);
    TftConfigPtr = XTft_LookupConfig(XPAR_TFT_0_DEVICE_ID);
    XTft_CfgInitialize(&TftInstance, TftConfigPtr,TftConfigPtr->BaseAddress);
    print (“logica de control TFT”);
    VarChar = ‘S’;
    * Write the character two times starting from top left corner
    * (i.e. origin) of screen.
    XTft_Write(&TftInstance, VarChar);

    return 0;

    the synchrony is perfect, can you hel me please: email: thank you for your time….=)

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