For me 2009 passed really fast, I complete almost the 70% of credits needed to graduate;
Participate in a couple of Linux events in Mexico city, giving some Fedora project talks;
Enjoy a summer job where I had the chance to travel to South Korea, I had to deal whit job
commitments and parting at Seoul which was the hard part :P; Work on my thesis which
I have an 10% of progress; Resist the tentative to leave school for many interesting job offers.
For this year the priority is school I need to cover the rest of my credits and work harder on
my thesis, for this I’m getting the right tools a new lap and a book `Essential Linux device drivers`
which by the way is pretty complete and has a must read chapter ‘Kernel facilities’ that deal with
kernel threads, linked list, hash list that for a newbie like me must be aware about the built
in helper APIs.
I would like to assist to CELF at San Francisco but reality always imposes, I’m short of covering
the expenses, Mexico did’t do a good job to deal the economical crisis we have a new increase
on taxes and basically a cost increase on everything, my scholarship will suffer a reduction,
thanks blind politicians! Actually around my classmates I feel a very high pessimism, is like
where are going to grow the unemployment rate once we finish whit our studies;
Thankfully they are several immigrant friendly countries.

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